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What is Fibreseal?

Fibreseal is a single ply GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) laminate formed on site to give a continuous, highly durable, weather proof layer with no seams or joints that will exclude water and maintain its superb appearance for the life of the building. GRP is more commonly known as Glass Fibre. It is a matrix of Polyester resin reinforced with glass fibres and cured or hardened with a catalyst to give a weather proofing laminate that will outlast and out perform virtually any other traditional roofing material.

With over 15,000,000 square metres of GRP roofing laid in the UK, Fibreseal is fast becoming the roofing system of choice!

Why use Fibreseal?

Traditionally bitumen based weatherproofing systems have been in use since Roman times and we know that a flat roof constantly requires maintenance and will eventually leak! The problem has generally been solved by either building a pitch roof over an existing flat roof (a very expensive option) or by specifying even more expensive solutions such as lead or copper sheeting.

Now with Fibreseal and its specialised, flexible resins and top coats there is a durable, cost effective and permanent solution which has been specified by Architects, Local Authorities, Hotels, Shops, Breweries, Companies large and small and thousands of householders who will only accept the very best.

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