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The benefits of GRP flat roofs

Our super-durable flat roofs keep your possessions safe and dry - and with added flat roof insulation, they can help you save energy and money too.
Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs offer: A lifetime guarentee

Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs are made of Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This state-of-the-art material is so durable, we fully guarantee our flat roofs for a lifetime. What's more, the Blackpool Flat Roofing Roofline products we add to all our flat roofs come with guarantees of up to 20 years.

The highest quality

Our GRP flat roofs are exceptionally strong and require little or no maintenance.

The tongue-and-groove decking boards we use in our flat roofs are 20% thicker than the industry standard for extra strength. Plus, we use 600gsm glass fibre matting for even greater strength and durability - the industry standard is only 450gsm.

Peace of mind

A flat roof that fails to comply with building regulations can lead to a fine and even make it more difficult for you to sell your home.

With Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs, there's no need to worry. Our flat roofs always comply with building regulations and in most cases exceed the standards they require. And for flat roofs in England and Wales, we'll arrange to get building control approval for you, giving you complete peace of mind.

Virtually maintenance-free upkeep

Unlike traditional flat roofing, Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofs require little or no maintenance. Our GRP flat roofs have no welds, joints or seams, but a continuous surface that completely prevents water from getting in.

Roof surface replacement and Roofline products

To ensure our new flat roofs meet our exacting standards we carefully remove the surface of your old roof, taking it away to be disposed of responsibly.

We'll then fit new, superior decking boards. We'll then add 2 layers of polyester resin with glass fibre matting in between for a strong and completely watertight barrier. Our expert installers will complete our new flat roofs by adding a topcoat in your choice of colour and finish

We also add our Roofline products to all our flat roofs - so you can be sure your flat roof will keep the elements out and your possessions safe and dry.

Energy saving roofing

An Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roof does more than just protect your possessions from water damage: it can also help you save energy - and protect the planet.

Energy saving flat roofs

When we install an Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roof over an extension, we'll install extra insulation to reduce heat loss. This means your flat roof will improve your home's energy saving and reduce your fuel bills as well.

Our energy saving flat roofs can save you money in other ways too. Strong, watertight flat roofing will prevent costly leaks and water damage. And our GRP flat roofing is virtually maintenance free, so you won't need pay for repairs or upkeep.

Flat roofs: an energy saving way to increase your home's value

Research shows that buyers are willing to pay up to £10,000 more for eco-friendly homes*. By installing an Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roof with extra insulation you can actually help to increase the value of your home.

And since our energy saving flat roofs are built to last and backed with a lifetime guarantee, a new flat roof is a home improvement that lasts.

Why not ask one of our home improvement specialists to come and show you how an Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roof might improve your home? Call 0800 008 7094 to make a free, no obligation appointment now.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust,

The Blackpool Flat Roofing price promise

When we began doing business 35 years ago, Blackpool Flat Roofing set out to lead the market with products and service second to none. Soon we were the best known and most successful company of our kind. Today, no other Blackpool based roofing home company comes close.

Our products:

Blackpool Flat Roofing build the most advanced and reliable products on the market, and our range is growing fast, bringing you Blackpool Flat Roofing's quality and durability backed by our long-term guarantees.

Our service:

We at Blackpool Flat Roofing commit ourselves to outstanding service before, during and after installation. Our surveyors measure everything precisely so our tailor-made products fit perfectly. Then our installers fit to the highest standards with minimum disruption to your home. In all, Blackpool Flat Roofing have improved homes and businesses to the highest standards and we can improve yours just as well.

Our promise:

The Blackpool Flat Roofing Price Promise covers every product in our growing range of top quality flat roofing. We are so certain no other company provides products as good as ours at lower prices, we guarantee it. If within seven days of placing your order, you find a lower price for products designed, made and installed to the same specifications and with the same guarantees, Blackpool Flat Roofing will refund the difference.

How much does Blackpool Flat Roofing GRP cost?

All Blackpool Flat Roofing flat roofing are tailored to your unique requirements, with a huge range of designs and styles to choose from.

Because of this, we work out costs according to your exact requirements rather than giving standard prices.

To find out what we have to offer and what it will cost, all you need to do is to make an appointment with one of our flat roofing specialists. We'll visit you at a time that suits you and discuss your options. Appointments are free and there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Call 01253 885958 for a no obligation appointment now.

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